The Only Record Keeping Tool You Need + 50 Ways To Use It

Long ago are the days of salvaging battered paper records or searching through a heap of computer files mid-audit. With added capabilities and audit-ready functionality, Google Forms truly does it all.

Google Forms is a tool found in the Google Drive office suite family designed to administer custom surveys and capture the submitted data. The way it works is simple: users create a series of questions with answers choice types (multiple choice, short answer, etc.). Once a form is made, it is sent to specified users, and the results are compiled into a corresponding Google Sheet when users submit the form.

For me, Forms is an ideal tool for standardizing processes, completing documentation, and storing records. Many of the automated features, such as limiting employee access and maintaining a revision history, make it complimentary to audit requirements. Additionally, columns can be added to the Sheet (see above picture) to directly input notes, record review information, and more. To keep the day to day running smoothly, Google Forms offers real-time reporting, automated email notifications, and the same data capabilities as Sheets. Lastly, another neat feature is the ability to route to different questions based on answers.For example, if an area is marked as "unacceptable" on an investigation form, the form could then branch into questions on deviations and corrective actions.

The best part about Google Forms...there are many opportunities to use them!

Not a fan of Google?

Try these ideas with Window's Sharepoint or similar program (just remember to check on their data storage so you won't lose any precious records!)

1. To start a Form, head to your Google Drive

2. Click on the "+New" sign in the top left hand corner

3. Scroll to "More" at the bottom of the drop down list

4. When the second menu appears, click "Form"

Your new form will automatically open with the first question selected. Happy creating!

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